Cape Loop IX

Baja California Sur

One day, while descending to the Pacific Ocean and Todos Santos, a huge dark cloud began to roll from the north over the Sierra de la Laguna mountains. I thought we would be able to out run the storm as we rode in a general downhill direction on smooth and hard-packed roads. Soon though, I felt the delicate first drops of rain, and just as I was putting my camera inside a drybag, the precipitation ratcheted up several notches of intensity. Alison and I made "oh shit" faces at each other and pushed off under the dark clouds. The rain drops became progressively heavier, until they started to hurt and balls of ice began accumulating on the road. Hail. By this point I was biking with no regard for my chronically breaking chain, or my packing system, which also had a tendency to fall apart with little warning. I ripped down the road in my highest gear, head down, welts forming on my arms for nearly ten kilometers until I hit the other side of the wall. Instantly, the hail ceased. When I wiped the water from my glasses, I saw the sun reflecting on the Pacific Ocean.