RMNP/ Baseball

Two very different assignments today.

Hiking the Ute Trail in RMNP.
Gretchen and Jason Katner take a breather on the Ute Trail in RMNP.
Bobby Magill's front page story here.

Fort Collins Foxes' head coach Brad Averitte watches Loveland Blue Jays' Mike Scruggs pitch.
Fort Collins Foxes' Scott Stevens lets a spectator take care of a home run ball.


High Park families meet the Broncos

John Colard, 11, of Stove Prairie, meets players from the Denver Broncos in City Park on Thursday evening, June 28.

Gallery can be seen here.



Sunrise over Twin Sisters Mountain.

Joe sorts the rack with alpenglow.


Colorado Brewers' Fest

Volunteer John Valainis serves a beer from the New Belgium Brewing tent during the first day of the Colorado Brewers' Festival in Fort Collins on Saturday, June 23.

Danny Christopher, right, and Sean Wellfare takes swigs during the second day of the Colorado Brewers' Festival on Sunday, June 24.

Greta Cornett leaves the stage during 12 Cents for Marvin's closing set at the first day of the Colorado Brewers' Festival in Fort Collins on Saturday, June 23.

Guess who...
Gallery from Saturday can be found here.
Gallery and article from Sunday can be found here.


Thanking firefighters

Isaac Banuelos, 10, waves to firefighters finishing their long shift on Friday evening, June 22.  This photo ran lead art on Monday, June 25.  Also, cover photo on Coloradoan's facebook.

People watching smoke build from the High Park Fire on Friday, June 22.

Kids cheer on passing firefighters on Friday, June 22.

Supporters give their thanks to firefighters working on the High Park Fire on Friday, June 22.

An airplane flies through the smoke of the High Park Fire.

Giving thanks.
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These photos were supposed to run front page on Friday, but something didn't happen and now they are forced to live only in the internet.

Terry Schmitz smokes a cigarette outside his hotel room in Fort Collins on Thursday, June 21, as he looks west towards the High Park Fire, a vantage painfully obvious any time he leaves the room. 

Terry Schmitz in his hotel room on Thursday, June 21.  Remnants of his daily routine fill  the room as he and his wife, Shawna, make do with the space provided.
A makeshift kitchen limits the options Terry and Shawna Schmitz have for eating after their home was destroyed by the High Park Fire.
Terry Schmitz looks over the High Park Fire from his hotel room at America's Best Hotel in Fort Collins on Thursday, June 21.  Schmitz lost his home in the Whale Rock area.

Story can be found here.
Full gallery is here.

I'll make sure I get all my images in extra early now.


Galleries from the High Park Fire

Not all these photos are mine, but wade through enough and you'll find some!


Tent 1

High Park Fire

As of last night, the fire covered over 52,000 acres and destroyed 48 homes, making it the largest fire in Larimer County recorded history, and the second largest in Colorado history.

A multimedia piece from Tuesday, June 12.

Seth McCombs watches the High Park Fire from LaPorte on Monday, June 11.

Burned trees.  Monday, June 11.

Sprinklers run through the smoke north of Fort Collins in highway 287 on Sunday, June 10.

Police cars close highway 14 going into Poudre Canyon on Sunday, June 10.

The High Park Fire as seen from Horsetooth Reservoir on Sunday, June 10.


Drive In

Men In Black III.


Art show

From May 4, 2012.

Lukas races a little dragon.

Bad Naked.


Chasm Lake

The most majestic.

Mayan Smith-Gobat works the moves to Sarchasm (supposedly sandbagged 5.14a) on TR with thunderheads looming.    At 12,000 feet, Sarchasm is the highest .14 anywhere?


Colorado Ice home closer

This evening I was given the opportunity to photograph the Colorado Ice, a local arena football team based in the Loveland/ Fort Collins area.  The Budweiser Event Center is a fairly short arena with catwalks above the floor, which I was able to access while shooting.

I'm not sure how many more opportunities I will have to shoot a football game from directly above the action.  It was a really unique vantage for a sport that usually features lots of open space and nothing but sky above the field.

Some guy walking onto the field to sing the national anthem.

Tobias Robinson looks upwards during the national anthem.

Colorado Ice quarterback Jeremy Sanders jogs past Tri-Cities Fever's Freddie Harris.

Tobias Robinson celebrates a touchdown.

James Walton struggles to stand after running into the boards surrounding the playing field.

When a field goal was attempted, specters were left to fend for themselves as the ball flew unimpeded into the stands.

Fever's Steven Whitehead takes a break.

This girl was totally fine after getting her head stomped.  If only that goal post wasn't there!
Antoine Carter's pants were already bloodied by halftime.

None of these photos ran in the Coloradoan, although a few are outtakes of shots that I submitted.  The photo that ran can be seen here.