Dan Blacksberg, trombone frontman of Dveykus, shreds at Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia.

Blacksberg and guitarist Yoshie Fruchter. Dveykus bills themselves as 'hasidic death metal'.

Blacksberg listens while the rest of Dveykus jams.


Crafting canes

Saies Carmona carves a staff for his church on his front porch.

Carmona makes canes for himself, but is working on a bigger project for his church. He got the wood from "the mountain", but he couldn't say which.

Carmona's niece Bella Martinez watches from the front door. Martinez says she was raised by Carmona.


Lil' car wash

Anthony Mendez (left), 11 cleans the roof of a car while his step-brother Abraham Perez, 12, watches. The two boys follow their father (or step-father) and grandfather (or step-grandfather) to the corner of American St. and Norris St. to help wash cars. They end up spending most of the time playing though.

Mendez holds the sprayer up high while rinsing soap off a car.

Mendez, left, and Perez take a break from washing.

Perez looks at his belly button.

Mendez inspects a drawing he did when he was bored one day. Mendez says that they help out at the car wash because usually there is nothing better to do during the day.


Clark Park soccer

Some of these dudes have been playing soccer in this field since the early 1990's. They play everyday during the summer around 6:30pm, and they'd let you join if you wanted to.


52nd Street

Sorry dude.


Philly Rain

A University of Pennsylvania student finds shelter from a downpour outside Huntsman Hall on the UPenn campus.


Fishing with Carey

Carey looks down the dock on Lake Erie in Lorain, OH. He has a bucket of bait fish to his right.

Carey looks at a photo of a walleye he caught a week before.

A bass sits on the pier next to weeks of garbage.

Carey doesn't hold his fishing rod. Instead, he is able to relax back in his chair until he sees a fish bite. Carey will sit for hours without a bite. He says he prays for his family while waiting for a nibble.

Carey pulls a fish onto the dock.



Denver Post's head photo man Tim Rasmussen talks on speaker phone to a colleague during the Kalish workshop at Ball State.

Sunday Streets


KBGA Music Booth

Park's Peak

Bounce House


Square Dancing Ladies


John H. White at Kalish

John H. White reacts to the Colbert Report report on the Chicago Sun-Times firing of its entire photo staff. White, a veteran of the Sun-Times and 1982 Pulitzer winner, was let go as well. White gave a talk at the 2013 Kalish workshop. Unfortunately, I was in video mode when White's headshot appeared in the Report's segment and I realized the potential for a cool still after the fact. 


Higgins Bridge

Taking pictures of sunsets from Higgins Bridge is popular.


Westin St. Francis

People attending the Hearst awards dinner ride the iconic Westin St. Francis elevator over San Francisco.


Hearst project

I had the great honor of competing in the Hearst national championship last week for multimedia, and I am very proud to say that I took 1st. The assignment was to do a story on the 'real' San Francisco, and this is my project:


Parkside fire, pt. 2

Alyssa Dimmick walks past a wall that only hours before was covered with photos. Some frames fell to the ground during the fire that was caused by overflowing grease, some Dimmick took off the wall to take for safe keeping.

Dimmick searches for necessary belonging before her apartment is boarded up, including her daughter's doll.

Dimmock recovers paperwork in her scorched kitchen while her mother and daughter look in from the outside.

Dimmock looks in her room for clothing and other valuables she might need in the coming weeks.

This is the only photo I was able to take with natural light. Dimmock is framed through a window that was broken by firefighters as they worked to extinguish the fire.

Dimmick smiles as she recovers a coffee maker she acquired in Costa Rica. The fire began when Dimmock was frying fish and the oil ignited.

Workers board up Dimmick's window as she and her landlord watch from the outside.


Parkside fire, pt. 1

Captain Robin Pfau stands next to the pots that were ground zero for a grease fire in the Parkside Apartments on Sunday, June 9.

Missoula firefighters walk past the pots that started the grease fire.

Firefighters explore the origins of a fire in the Parkside Apartments.

Captain Robin Pfau walks into the apartment.

Firefighters prepare to check the structural integrity of the apartment building in the vicinity of the fire.

Captain Pfau prepares to entire the burning apartment.


Marin Event

I was invited to shoot this 'underground event' happening north of San Francisco the weekend before the Hearst competition. The details are to be kept secret, but I can share a few photos here.