Getaway practice

Armed with a stick shaped like a pistol, Jordan, 5 years old, practices running away from the police.

Jordan, with his gun, and Miracle, with a teddy bear, flee from imaginary authorities.

Jordan holsters his two sticks in his pockets until the next time he gets caught up with the cops. "When we grow up and the real police start chasing us, you know how I'm gonna boogie. I'm gonna get big muscles and a real gun."


Toronja Williams

Toronja Williams was crowned Miss Black Deaf America in 2002. She was not born deaf, the handicap was the result of a fever at the age of 8. Williams will undergo surgery next week, at the age of 32, to restore 90% of her hearing.


Dub Warren memorial party

A woman dances and points to the sky for her nephew, Lajuan Watkins, who was murdered a month before during a memorial/ birthday party for him. Watkins would have turned 21 on Tuesday.



Trayvon rally

There were surprisingly few photographers at the Trayvon Martin rally in Philadelphia yesterday, and much less intensity amongst the protesters than I had anticipated. This is my first attempt at "protest" photography, so it was exciting for me nonetheless.

Outside Philadelphia's Federal building.

Love Park

Love Park

Liberty Bell

Federal building

Federal building

Market Street

Market Street

Market Street

City Hall

Love Park

Love Park


Trayvon vigil

Philadelphia police officers stand by as a small group of Trayvon Martin supporters hold a candlelight vigil in Martin's honor outside the Municipal Building in Philadelphia. 


PPD 18th District Block Party

Thee girls dance the Cha Cha Slide while waiting in line for a water slide at the Philadelphia Police Department's 18th District's 6th annual block party on the 5500 block of Pine Street.

A face painted boy takes part in a parachute exercise.

A boy poses for a portrait.

A police officer extracts a boy from a deflated bounce house.


Clark Park soccer, pt. 2

I've been meaning to head down to Clark Park again to photograph some *street?* soccer. These dudes are very fun to watch.



Everyone in these photos paid way too much money to be at the 150th Gettysburg anniversary (myself included):









Ocean City

Ocean City, New Jersey


5400 Delancey Play Street

I began working on a story yesterday on Philadelphia's free summer meals program, which provides meals to children under the age of 18 over the summer. Madelyn Covington is one of 1,000 providers of these meals across the city, which include churches, community centers, and "play streets", which are closed off for a portion of the day to provide a safe place for children to play and eat. I'm not entirely sure where this story is headed, but I am eager to find out what direction I head in.

The weather yesterday was overcast and rainy, meaning not many children played on the street. I am excited to visit on a nice day though!

Madelyn Covington calls Philadelphia Parks and Recreation at 10:30 AM. Covington hosts a free summer meals program on her block, which is provided by Parks and Rec. However, she had not received any meals for children on her block and had expected them by 9 that morning.

Covington reacts to the meal truck finally arriving on her block.

Covington checks the temperature of the meals, per the standards she learned in the free summer meals orientation.

Covington strolls down her block to put up the barriers preventing traffic from entering. She closes the block from 10 AM to 4 PM to create a safe place for kids to eat their meals and play. The overcast and rainy weather convinced most children to stay indoors on this day.

Covington serves a meal to a hungry young girl.