CSU stadium public input forum

Wooo, two thrillers in a row!

Doris Williams gives her input on the proposed on-campus stadium at CSU during a public comment forum with CSU President Tony Frank in the Lory Student Center on Tuesday, July 31.

CSU President Tony Frank listens as Colorado State Representative John Kefalas provides his comments during the public input forum for an on-campus stadium at CSU on Tuesday, July 31, 2012.


Proposed CSU stadium meeting

Not all assignments are terribly exciting.
Chris Marshall listens to his neighbor's comments during an a meeting for residents to voice concerns to planners over CSU's proposed on campus football field at Plymouth Congregational Church on Monday, July 30.

Open mic for a full house.


Mt. Democrat

From the summit.


Water World

The Orange Slide

The Multi-Colored Slide.


Aurora Shooting Memorial

Incredibly sad.  I really found it difficult to take a moment for photographs.  The first time I have faced this dilemma, even though it is from such a removed perspective from the actual events.

A poster signed by hundreds of people mourning the loss of the 12.  That's Emma on the left.

Candles at the memorial, pt. 1.

Candles at the memorial, pt. 2.


1st Flatiron

Dad on East Face Direct.  Taken w/ iphone.


James Holmes' first court appearance

Although I wasn't working or using my credentials, I found my way to the Arapahoe County Courthouse where James Holmes of the Aurora theatre massacre made his first court appearance (barely).  Very weird, and tons of media as expected.  A bit overwhelming.

Security over the courthouse holding Holmes' first appearance in Centennial, Colo.

David Sanchez, pt. 1.  His daughter survived the attack, and has just given birth to a son with her husband who is in critical condition after being shot in the head by Holmes.

Sanchez, pt. 2.


Amazing Race

The Blunk family walks across a log during a challenge.

Alex Husen, 6, watches as his father Carl Huson throws a hula hoop on a horse hoe stake at the Amazing Race- Family Edition in Fort Collins on Sunday, June 22.
Full gallery here.


Archbishop Samuel of Denver

Newly appointed Archbishop Samuel Aquilla of Denver, right, sits with Deacon Jerome Kraft during Aquilla's first mass as bishop at Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Fort Collins on Friday, July 21


Poudre Crash

Larimer County Deputy Coroner Greg Fairman takes photos of an overturned car next to Highway 14 in the Poudre Canyon on Friday, July 20.  The passenger of the vehicle was pronounced dead on the scene, while the driver was airlifted to the Medical Center of the Rockies in serious condition.



Aaron Rice, manager of Jodar Farms, watches as hog feed pours into a 1 ton bag at his farm on Thursday, July 19.  Rice, who purchases 10 tons of feed a week, is feeling the effects of the bad corn harvest.

Mmmm... corn based hog feed.
Article here.



Vedauwoo nights.

Andrew belays as Ryan moves up Upper Slot Left.


Urban Assault

Bike ride and more!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Deb and Matt Stanley navigate an obstacle at Fort Fun during the Urban Assault ride in Fort Collins on Sunday, July 15.

Ryan Vogel flips off the diving board, helmet and all, at the SCCA pool during a stop.

Jen Petrick takes a photo of Mike Sherwood as they navigate an obstacle near REI during the Urban Assault ride.


In the Air- VIDEO

Music by Lukasaurus and friends.



I do love me a good ol fashioned wrassel.

UFC fighter Ed Herman watches a fight at his gym, Trials Mixed Martial Arts, on Friday, July 13, 2012.  


Rist Canyon Devastation

Rist Canyon was probably the hardest hit residential area of the High Park Fire.  I was able to follow up with Terry Schmitz (post here) at his home in the Whale Rock area.

Terry Schmitz searches for his grandmother's dutch oven in the rubble of his old home.

Schmitz's collapsed roof.
Full gallery here.
Pat Ferrier's story here.


At Bear Lodge

John Malkovich look-alike and sound-alike (maybe it really is him) fiddles with gear on the money pitch of El Matador on Bear Lodge.


Armed Robbery 'n Stuff

Robbed some kids at knifepoint then kicked out a window in a cop car on Sunday, June 24.

To Bear Lodge

Also known as Devil's Tower, but the Lakota name is cooler, more culturally significant and should probably be used out of respect (à la Denali).

After the rain near Douglas, Wyo.
Andrew wakes up in a rando field with no tower in sight.


To Vedauwoo

It rained.

Still raining.


Another day

Coloradoan reporter Sarah Jane Kyle pushes Trevor Thomas, 5, and Hailey Lilly, 4, on the swings at the Villages Apartments in Fort Collins on Thursday.


4th of July

Some people...


Arm Wrestling

Chris Kaufman is strong.  Like, really strong.  Like, World Armwrestling Championship strong.  He beat me, at least.
Matt Stephens' story here.



Fireworks at the Black Cat outlet south of Cheyenne, Wyo.
Despite the fire ban in Colorado and the Laramie County fire ban in Wyoming, fireworks can still be bought near Cheyenne.
Pat Ferrier's story here.

Drive In

This was finally published, after a few weeks of being put aside (with good reason) for the High Park Fire.

Link to all the front page action.

If I can figure out how to imbed the multimedia thing, I will do that later.

This story also got picked up by the AP, which is a first for me.
Here it is in the Denver Post.


Return to Poudre Park

Highway 14 up the Poudre Canyon opened up to public traffic and river recreation.  It was surreal seeing people rafting right next people trying to pick up the pieces of their lives from the High Park Fire.

A charred hillside above the Poudre Park community.
The scars of the High Park Fire above Poudre Park.
A melted stove sits in the burned remains of a Poudre Park home.

Not really Christmas anymore.
Firefighter Krystal Sipe, from Tucson, Ariz. cleans the back of her crew's fire rig.
Full gallery can be seen here.
Madeline Novey's awesome story is here.