Halloween on Campus

ASUM Vice President Bryn Hagfors, left, dressed as Bill Clinton, and President Zach Brown, right, dressed as his mother Lynda Brown, speak with ASUM Senator Chase Ellinger, dressed as Pee-wee Herman before the ASUM meeting in the UC Wednesday evening.

Luke Waller, 3, holds his mother Lauren Waller's hand in Memorial Row on campus before trick-or-treating on Wednesday.

Austin Clark, a freshman chemistry student, dresses as the Mad Hatter for marching band rehearsal on the intramural fields on Wednesday.

Witch Lillian Kennard, left, offers candy to James Rundle, dressed as Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series on the Oval Wednesday.

Dan Thompson, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask from the film 'V for Vendetta', selects a granola bar from a shelf at the Country Store in the Lomasson Center Wednesday.

Bethany Blitz wears a rope despite her superpowers on the climbing wall at the Campus Recreation Center Wednesday.


My first printz

Eddy Avenue.  5x7


UM vs. ISU, pt. 3

Referees prepare for the action.

ISU's Cameron Richmond (5) stuffs Montana's Bo Tully.


UM vs. ISU, pt. 1

Mo teases a fan. [Self portrait]

Peter Nguyen fights for open field.


Field of Screams

Wynn prepares herself for the terrors to come.

Cole and Laine enter an unknown hallway.

Cole checks his back for chainsaw-wielding spoooooks.




This is for the food assignment in my freelance photography class.


First Snow

Eben dreams of silky snowboard turns as a light snow falls outside the Kaimin newsroom.


Car v. Pedestrian, a short story






Tall, pointy things

Heating plant

Stadium/ parking lights

Bitterroot Gymnastics

David Stark began practicing at Bitterroot Gymnastics when he was 8 years old and later worked as an instructor.  After graduating from the University of Montana with a degree in Resource Conservation, Stark bought the business with his wife Mara and has operated it for the last 8 years.  They recently expanded their operation to include a dance studio and kindergarten under the name Roots Sports and Learning Center.



When Melissa Ameline moved to Missoula from Tacoma, Wash. a month ago, she kept her job as an assistant manager for a McDonald's restaurant, a position she has held for 9 years.  She had worked at a McDonald's for three years before being promoted to her current title.


Football, pt. 7

Trent McKinney, 11, hands the ball to Jordan Canada.

SUU's Matt Putnam and Griff McNabb celebrate a late touchdown.

Football, pt. 6

SUU's CJ Morgan, 19, watches the ball fall to the ground after UM's Josh Dennard forces the pass incomplete.

This man loves cheerleaders.


Football, pt. 4

Chasin' the ball.
Bryce Carver, 29, runs into Washington-Grizzly Stadium with teammates and coaches before the game.

Football, pt. 3

Ref makes the call.

The Grizzly drumline prepares for halftime.


Football, pt. 2

SUU's Lavell Ika celebrates a late-game turnover that sealed the Thunderbird's upset over the Grizzlies.

The Grizzly cheer squad does a neat trick.

Football, pt. 1

Southern Utah University's Brock Miller punts from the endzone.

SUU's fan section compensate's their small size with a ton of noise after the Thunderbirds score a late touchdown to seal the fate of the game.



Late night, 85mm 1.8


A Musalla for Missoula- VIDEO

This was a quick, last minute project that I did with Meghan Nolt that was pretty interesting.


Muslim Students Association

Abdulaziz Almedaimigh prays at the University of Montana's Muslim Students Association house.


SESJ action

Will Thelen, left, and David Schaad, members of the student group Students for Economic and Social Justice, wait in the president's office in Main Hall to deliver a letter for President Engstrom requesting that the University of Montana end its contract with adidas.  The group cites adidas' refusal to compensate its poor treatment of workers in Indonesia as a breach of UM's code of conduct.


Old Milwaukee Depot

A bird rests near the top of the Old Milwaukee Depot tower.

Deer busts hang in the Boone and Crockett Club Headquarters, located in the Old Milwaukee Depot.

The Old Milwaukee Depot from the Kim Williams river trail system.



Shot this herd on my way home.