Criminal Ages

Gage Stroop and Michael Fishburn are two Montanans that have spent much of their lives in and out of the state justice system. The difference? The former is a 17 year old with the opportunity to turn his life around. Stroop has woven his way through different youth homes around the state and to the state juvenile penitentiary and is soon eligible to be tried as an adult. The latter is a middle aged career criminal with a dark history of meth addiction. Fishburn has been unable to stay out of the state prison system for long, despite having two children, and is filled more with regrets than optimism. Crime is crime no matter the age, but the penalties can be very different.


Vegas to Portland

Las Vegas, NV
Beatty, NV


Bayern Brewery

Bottles of Groomer, Bayern's seasonal wintermärzen, slides on a converyer to be boxed at Bayern Brewery.

Tiffany Cerutti grabs bottles to be sanitized.

Bottles of Groomer, Bayern's seasonal wintermärzen, slides on a converyer to be boxed.
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UM Men vs. Weber State, pt. 2

Kevin Henderson (2) calls a late game free throw.
UM guard Jordan Emery works the corner.

University of Montana forward Mathias Ward (40) shoots over a Weber State defender.

Spencer Coleman (24) slams the ball as his teammates celebrate.


UM men vs. Weber State, pt. 1

Will Cherry works his way through Weber State defenders during the Grizzlies 76-74 over the Weber State Wildcats at the Adams Center.

The UM cheer squad 'help' UM's Kareem Jamar shoot a free throw.

Players from the Weber State and University of Montana men's basketball teams scuffle after the game.


Trail Blazers vs. Pacers, pt. 2

Damien Lillard goes for a lay-up.

J.J. Hickson checks a rebound.

LaMarcus Aldridge shoots over David West.

Damien Lillard drives to the net.

Damien Lillard looks the other way as Paul George attempts a free throw.

Nolan Smith calls a play.


Trail Blazers vs. Pacers, pt. 1

Portland's LaMarcus Aldridge keeps Indiana's Roy Hibbert out of the key.

Damian Lillard rests before making a play.

Paul George on his way down from a dunk.

Portland's Will Barton jumps for a lay-up.

Will Barton (5) charges past Indiana's Lance Stephenson.

Wesley Matthews (2) faces off with D.J. Augustin (14).

Portland's Meyers Leonard works to keep Indiana's David West from scoring.



Hello Kitty out hustlin' for tips



BJ walks AmericaBJ

BJ Timoner walks the desert east of 29 Palms, California on his journey to walk across the United States in a fundraising effort for the fight against pancreatic cancer.

Timoner's flag sits in the shoulder during a rest from walking.