Goodrich vs. Byron girls soccer

GOODRICH, MI — It took two overtime periods to close out a 3-2 victory, but with a second-chance kick on the goal, Goodrich sophomore Sydney Larsen knocked in the tiebreaker to defeat Byron.

Larsen's goal came on a corner kick after the ball filtered to her through a crowd of players.
After a slow first half in increasingly windy weather, Goodrich lead 1-0. Two of their three goals were scored against the wind.

"You want the wind on your back all the time so you don't get as tired and other team is pinned in their end a lot longer," said Evan Huizenga, Goodrich head coach.

Despite playing much of the game in their offensive zone, Huizenga said that Byron managed to keep Goodrich away from easy scoring opportunities.

"They do a great job of getting players behind the ball," Huizenga said. "As soon as you slow down your attack at all, they put a whole bunch of numbers back there. It clogs the box, it's harder for passes, you don't get as many looks at the net."

The win puts Goodrich at 5-2 overall and 4-0 in conference play.



C.S. Mott Lake

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Good Friday


Goodrich at Powers baseball

Before yesterday, I had only shot baseball one other time (almost two years ago).

While I don't feel that I understand the game any better now than I did then, shooting a lot of football and basketball has taught me how to anticipate action and position myself. I was able to better use what I know about baseball to increase the chances that the ball will enter the frame where I'd like it to.

That said - I caught myself missing plays that I should have nailed and I'm very much looking forward to improving in the next games. Hopefully the teams will have their play a little more ironed out as well.