James Thompson studies at Zootown Brew on Broadway Avenue on Thursday.


Ouray Canyons, pt. 3

Cory after rappelling the 170 ft. waterfall.

Patrick enjoys the views as the team sets up another rappel.


Ouray Canyons, pt. 2

Greg downclimbs through a waterfall.

Matt on rappel.


Ouray Canyons, pt. 1

Greg gives Chris a fireman's belay.

Cory and Matt watch Greg and Chris set up a 170 ft. rappel.


Going home

South of Buffalo, Wyo.  Taken w/ iphone.



Denver sky.


Fresh sandstone

Andrew on his sweet new route.  Taken w/ iphone.


Refugee Llama

A llama, stripped from its home by the High Park Fire and forced into a farm animal refugee camp at The Ranch in Loveland, Colo. on June 22.


Last day at the Coloradoan

Photos are from a dress rehearsal of CSU's take on Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors.

Luciana, played by Alex Romberg, stomps Dromio's back, played by Nick Holland.

Dromio, Nick Holland

Margot Girerd-Barclay, left, and Mike Largent play the roles of Adriana and Antipholus.

Stage lights illuminate at a dress rehearsal of Shakepeare's 'The Comedy of Errors' at Colorado State University's Center for the Arts.


Bohemian Nights @ New West Fest, DAY THREE

The Widow's Bane performs.
A beach ball flies through the air as Gipsy Kings do their thing below.


Bohemian Nights @ New West Fest, DAY TWO

Nathen Maxwell, of Flogging Molly, performs with his side project the Bunny Gang.

Brittany Cordy, left, Danielle Bucciarelli and Laura Schmitz, out of frame, spin their seats on the Tornado.


Bohemian Nights @ New West Fest, DAY ONE

Michael Franti holds a fan's hand.

Ried Giordaningo, 7, walks up an inflatable slide.
Full gallery here.


Cirque of the Towers

Joe sips tea in the cirque.



Spectators watch Tanner Avers make a sharp spin under one of the few clouds on Saturday, June 9 during the advanced slide contest at the Takin' the Fort Skate Jam.


Wiping out wasps

John Barrett puffs a dust based insecticide into a wasp nest inhabiting the interior of a metal corner at Johnson Self Storage.

A European Paper Wasp stumbles after getting hit with insecticide.

John Barnett inspects a job well done.
Story here.
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Poudre Canyon storm

My day went from this

Jaiden Treasure takes a big bite out of his double-decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the Mountain Park Campground in the Poudre Canyon on Wednesday, August 1.

to this

A car drives through the pounding rain in the Narrows of the Poudre Canyon before flash floods began.

to this.

 A truck crosses a flooded portion of Highway 14 in the Poudre Canyon as onlookers watch.