Nestucca IV

Nestucca, Ore.



Nestucca III

Nestucca, Ore.



Nestucca II

Nestucca River, Ore.



Nestucca I

Nestucca River, Ore.



Alpental IV


Alpental, Wash.


Alpental III

Alpental, Wash.



Alpental II

Alpental, Wash.



Alpental I


Alpental, Wash.


RX 100 Kyrgyzstan XVIII


The next day, we woke up early in Bishkek and got a taxi that brought us to the airport just in time. On the flight from Istanbul to San Francisco, I somehow lost my glasses, and when we landed and the plane cleared, someone found them on the floor a dozen rows in front of me. It felt like a bad dream.

Kevin and I parted ways in San Francisco, and I felt unsure of how to say goodbye. We hadn't climbed much at all really since we were students at the University of Montana, but he still brought me to the other side of the planet to explore big rocks. Thank you forever, Kevin.


RX 100 Kyrgyzstan XVII


When we returned to Bishkek, Kevin and I chartered a van to drive us to the northern shore Issy-Kul, a gigantic salt water lake in the eastern part of the country. By chance, we were in the country at the same time as the World Nomad Games, a biennial festival of competition and culture featuring nomadic groups from all over the world, as well as representatives from more developed nations. I took many photographs on my Mamiya, less on the point and shoot. It was an unexpected and amazing experience that we barely were able to make happen.